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 DEU RB5000 Pro - Strong Airflow Diposable Vape
DEU RB5000 Pro - Green Grape Ice
DEU RB5000 Pro - Guava Ice T
DEU RB5000 Pro - Kiwi Green T
DEU RB5000 Pro - Kyoho Grape
DEU RB5000 Pro - Lemon T
DEU RB5000 Pro - Matcha Ice Crm
DEU RB5000 Pro - Strawberry Jasmine T
DEU RB5000 Pro - Watermelon Ice
DEU RB5000 Pro - White Peach Yaklt

    DEU RB5000 Pro - Strong Airflow Diposable Vape


      Product Name: DEU RB5000Pro

      Product Type: Disposables

      Puffs Count: Up to 5000

      Nicotine: 20mg/ml

      Liquid Capacity: 10ml

      Coil Type: Dual Mesh

      Battery: 600mAh

      Introducing the all-new DEU RB5000 Pro, bringing you a completely fresh and astonishing vaping experience! DEU RB5000 Pro features a dual-core design, delivering a larger volume of vapor, catering to the preferences of hardcore cloud chasers, and offering a richer vape sensation. With upgraded flavors and enhanced coolness, you can now revel in massive clouds while savoring the delightful fusion of fruity notes and an exhilarating icy touch in DEU RB5000 Pro. The DEU RB5000Pro upgraded edition is designed to elevate your vaping journey to unprecedented heights, making it an absolute must-try!