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Veex vs Relx, what's the difference?

by VeextechService on March 02, 2022

Product quality – RELX vs VEEX


RELX is said to have serious e-liquids leakage in some pods.


VEEX usually has no leakage pods.


Charging convenience – RELX vs VEEX


Use an ordinary Android phone USB cable to charge. This cable is able to to be found anywhere. 45-60 minutes for a full charge, charging time is longer than VEEX.


Use an ordinary Type C cable to charge. This cable is able to to be found anywhere. 10-15 minutes for a full charge, charging time is shorter than RELX.


Battery life – RELX vs VEEX

RELX: 350mAh

VEEX: 380 mAh

VEEX pods have a large capacity than RELX, so they need a larger battery to support a longer vaping time. VEEX battery life is slightly longer than REEX according to the specification.


Flavors – RELX vs VEEX

First, Veex has more choice of flvours than Relx. It contains Chinese special flavours like Chinese tea, FENGHUANGDANCONG( a kind of balck tea, taste gently) and HongKong ice lemon tea.

VEEX taste is more prominent and consistent because its e-liquid ingredients inside are special. 0 leakage found before or during the whole vaping process for over 3 packs of pods.

The most interesting thing is, if you have a VEEX device, you can use RELX pod; while you have RELX device, you can use VEEX as well. They are compatible with each other. What a coincidence.


Customer reviews – RELX vs VEEX


Positive overall. Its Jasmine green tea flavor and product experience is great.


Positive overall. Its Green tea flavor is best, a new Premium Chinese Tea flavor called FENGHUANGDANCONG which is launched in December 2021 recently.


Where to Buy

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